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GEORGE! and I will be solving all of the world’s problems in a very special episode of Lady Talk. Please reblog, retweet, comment, or shoot your questions over to

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Oh yes, it’s episode four of Lady Talk, in which we discuss unemployment, zines, and the 99%. Check out an exceptional guest appearance by my mama.

Happy birthday, America! Here’s episode three of Lady Talk, in which I pay homage to My Drunk Kitchen and create an alcoholic Jell-O monstrosity.

Prepare yourself for a very special patriotic edition of Lady Talk tomorrow in which I pay homage to My Drunk Kitchen. Hint: we’re making a vodka-infused Jello mold.

Episode 2 of Lady Talk, in which I am joined by my married friends Mona & Lauren. Featuring appearances by an actual human infant.

Covered: Glamor Shots, the wisdom of Beyonce, babies, bodies, and more.

Welcome to the first episode of Lady Talk, in which I update you on all of the various unnecessary beauty treatments I’ve undergone lately.

Covered: eyelash extensions, Minx nails, Twilight wax jobs, styling wands (thanks to Jane Feltes’ instructional video over at The Hairpin), Brazilian blow outs, and more.