Awhile back I spoke with Marisa Meltzer about feelings in general and my feelings about Tinder specifically. Her piece is perfectly timed. 

We have now arrived at the stage of wedding planning where I simply respond to our coordinator’s emails with youtube clips. 

I’ve always had conflicting feelings about Joan Rivers, but for now I’ll hold back and share two clips from her talk show, in which she interviews the Club Kids (above) and Gwar (here).

Go ahead and listen to Tunde Adebimpe cover Neil Young and let your ice-cold heart crack open and melt, why don’t you.

I keep having more and more stress dreams about the wedding. 

I keep having more and more stress dreams about the wedding. 

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“After nearly 15 years of practice, I can assure you that there is a specific look reserved for the moment someone realizes you are fragile. I used to prep prospective partners for this when first dating them. “I have this illness,” I’d explain. “I may look okay now. This is the fun part. We are drinking gin and laughing and my hair smells nice and we’re telling each other our greatest hits stories but one day I will inevitably drop off the radar or my medication will fail. I’ll find myself in need of a gastroenterologist, a rheumatologist, and a steady hand.” My hair does not smell nice at the hospital. They do not serve gin there, but most of the time there’s morphine.”
— Hello! I wrote about love and autoimmune disease for The Hairpin. Go take a look here

Almost married. 

Photo by the incomparable Sarah Jurado.

“Kate Moss was famously quoted as saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” but let me tell you, so many things taste better than skinny. A morning latte made with whole milk, for example. A warm twice-baked almond croissant, chicharones, dark chocolate with sea salt, pork dumplings, a giant steak salad with blue cheese, a slice of pizza at 2 am, a dry vodka martini with a twist. But skinny isn’t a taste. It’s a feeling. From what I gather, skinny is supposed to feel like your dream job, a compliment from a stranger, telling someone you love them for the first time, or an IV drip of morphine and sunshine. All of this, of course, is total bullshit. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.”
— Hello! I wrote a thing about working in the food industry and struggling with body image for xoJane. You can read more here.

You're Doing it Wrong

  • Me: Did you just do an image search for pizza?
  • Him: No, I did an image search for DELICIOUS pizza.